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Top 4 Best Places To Shop At in the Philippines

GreenbeltPhilippines is an amazing chain of tropical islands that’s sprinkled with black, white and pink sandy beaches, amazing countryside villages, very relaxing luxury resorts and also great shopping locations. In fact, here are some of the largest malls in the world and if you’re a shopaholic and would like to indulge in one of the best shopping sprees ever, then here are some of the best places you should shop at.

Glorietta and Greenbelt

No matter if you’re looking for upholstery, high heel boots and the latest apparel on the market, this is one of the best places where you can shop at. The Glorietta and Greenbelt malls can be found in Makati (Manila) and they offer tens of thousands of square feet of shopping paradise. While it’s true that compared to SM the prices are a bit higher, they’re still a lot more affordable than similarly luxurious stores back in the States. After your shopping spree is over and you feel like you could fall asleep any minute, you may want to visit The Spa, which is at Greenbelt One. Here, a 60-minute massage will cost you only 20 dollars.

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Discover the Best of Maldives Island by Visiting these Places

maldivesThe Maldives Island also known as the Maldives is an island the stretches in the Indian Ocean. It offers white sandy beaches, diverse vegetation and deep blue seas with great reefs. It is a paradise where people meet to spend long holidays just to relax and unwind. The island is an ideal location for snorkeling and diving while exploring the waters with different species of fish swimming around the corals. The shores are always open for everyone as it provides the tranquil haven for visitors. Below, is a rundown of the most attractive places to visit in the Maldives. Continue reading Discover the Best of Maldives Island by Visiting these Places

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Experience the Best of Japan by Touring these Top 5 Spots 

tokyoPerhaps Japan is one of the unique countries in the world. From its stunning natural beauties, old century histories, and onto her places as a gadget capital of the world, there is so much to learn and do in this country. Its natural landscape, high-end fashion, fascinating culture and technology fill fronts in most of the stores in the cities, below are the places you can experience the Japanese rich culture. Continue reading Experience the Best of Japan by Touring these Top 5 Spots 

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Top 7 Places to do Business at While in China

beijingChina is a fascinating business country, a country rich of culture and amazing life. Visitors making their way to China always stick to the major cities. China is well known for its economic success, manufacturing capabilities, computing technology, towing companies and a land to do business. It is an ancient civilized country that gave the Peking man noodles and gunpowder and should be the first stop for any business person who would like to gain more instincts on how business is carried out and get the best products at distinctively lower prices. Continue reading Top 7 Places to do Business at While in China

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Excellent Tourist Destination You Should Consider When Touring Taiwan


taipeiTaiwan is one of the most dynamic cities in Asia. The country is enriched with ancient temples, vast memorials, the famous Taipei 101 tower, world class hotels, endless shopping opportunities and a museum that hold the world’s largest collection of Chinese artifacts. Taiwan is located on the southeastern coast of China and was named Formosa Island by the Portuguese explorers in the 16th century. From the fascinating mountain landscapes to white sand beaches, the country has the finest collection of Chinese architecture, making it a country of pleasant surprises.

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Top 4 Must See Sites in Mongolia

Gobi Desert - WikipediaMongolia is among the least populated country in the world, and its rugged landscape makes it a perfect destination for travelers seeking a glimpse into a different culture. It is located in the heart if Asia, in between two giant neighbors, Russia and China. The country is known for holding on to traditions and rich culture with a blend of modern life. When you visit Mongolia, you visit a place of dramatic history, remarkable history, and unique experience. The larger part of the country is surrounded by mountains, with the landscape defined by extensive grassland, desert, and plains. Continue reading Top 4 Must See Sites in Mongolia

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Top Things to See and Do in Israel

cbdHome to some of the renowned historical sites, Israel is often thought of as merely a pilgrimage destination. Moreover, this is the place where the main events of the Muslim, Christians and Jewish often took place. But, for travelers who are not seeking out religious highlights in the synagogues, mosques, and churches there are plenty of events and attractions. Sure, the religious shrines here will remain to be the main draw card for visits, however, below you will find there is so much for your crave. Continue reading Top Things to See and Do in Israel

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Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Cambodia

siem-reapCambodia is a country that never lacks in charm and allure. Whether you are getting to know a generation of people, planning for backpacking, planning for a wedding, or having the adventurous traveler spirit, Cambodia is the place to explore the nooks and reality of Southern Asia. However, Cambodia is almost recovering from the horrors of Khmer Rouge’s reign of terror. Few problems such as landmines, poverty, and under-developed infrastructure still exist, but the country is in reconstruction and healing process, and an increasing number of tourists are flocking the area.

Here are our top picks and destination points in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Continue reading Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Cambodia

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Best Places to Tour in India

indiaIndia is a country full of diversity. India is the world’s largest country that stretches from the high mountains of Himalayas, through the tropical green Kerala up to the sands of the Thar desert. The country has more than one billion inhabitants divided into two thousand ethnic groups and speaking more than 200 different languages. The country has an almost endless variety of cultures, monuments, and landscapes available for visitors to explore. From the exotic cities, fascinating religious structures, ancient ruins, and diverse landscape, India has a vast collection of tourist attractions and has an interesting feature for every traveler.

Here is a brief description of the best place to tour in India. Continue reading Best Places to Tour in India

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Visit Qatar and Discover a Unique Destination

qatarA little-known country, Qatar is one of the small Middle East nations with an estimated population fewer than 1 million people. The country borders Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf. Moreover, it promises hot and humid summers. Qatar is undoubtedly an incredibly rich nation, both in history and culture. If you are planning to visit the country, you can be sure to find some things to do. The nation being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, there are numerous activities various activities which the visitors can engage. Continue reading Visit Qatar and Discover a Unique Destination

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Discover Vietnam and All its Delights

vietnamTravel to Vietnam and discover its mystical coastline and many more attractions that lie on the way. Vietnam is a land of striking landscapes inclusive of forested mountains, picturesque valleys, lush rice terraces, fertile delta and brilliant beaches of the south. It is a land of magnificent sights, exotic sounds, and new tastes. Vietnam is a country with a long history and many ancient traditions. It has a many historical attraction and old temples. There is a mix of booming modern cities, traditional villages, colonial towns and archaeological sites.

Below is an overview of the best places to visit in Vietnam. Continue reading Discover Vietnam and All its Delights

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